Zoom to discontinue support for iOS 11 and 12 devices, necessitating an update for continued functionality

Zoom has revealed some bad news for old iPhone users.

The video conferencing service will soon cease to support devices operating on iOS 11 and 12.

Starting from the next update, Zoom will require users to have iOS 13 or higher on their iPhones and iPads to access new Zoom features and updates.

Zoom’s decision to phase out support for these older iOS versions indicates the company’s commitment to providing a secure and efficient service.

With iOS 11 having been launched in 2017 and iOS 12 in 2018, the world of technology has seen exponential upgrades and this necessitates updates to keep pace with the latest security and functionality standards.

For users still utilizing devices on iOS 11 or 12 and having Zoom as an integral part of their workflow, this update serves as a nudge towards upgrading their operating system.

The transition is essential for continuing to use Zoom’s services without disruption, especially for those who depend on the platform for professional and personal communication.

Zoom advises its users to consult the release notes on their website for comprehensive details on the upcoming changes.

This information will guide affected individuals through the process of updating their devices, ensuring they can maintain uninterrupted access to Zoom’s features.

This move by Zoom shows the importance of staying current with operating system updates, not just for compatibility reasons, but also to benefit from the enhanced security and performance that newer software versions offer.

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