YouTube Music makes finding songs easier with a built-in song recognition feature

Enhancing user convenience, YouTube Music introduces a built-in song recognition feature, streamlining the process of discovering songs effortlessly within the platform's ecosystem

According to 9to5Google, a new feature enabling song recognition is currently being rolled out to YouTube Music. To use it, you need to first tap the search icon in the top-right corner. Additionally, there is a dedicated button bearing the same icon design as the song search feature on YouTube, positioned next to the voice search option for quicker access.

On YouTube’s main app, the song search feature is available for a while now on Android. To use it, just start a search and tap the “Song” tab instead of “Voice.” Similar to “Hum to Search” in Google Search, you can play, sing, or hum the song you’re looking for. YouTube uses AI to match the sound to the original recording.

The good news is, unlike YouTube, some YouTube Music users on iOS already have this capability, too, meaning it won’t be exclusive to Android.

While both YouTube and YouTube Music come from Google, they have different functions. YouTube is a platform where you can find all sorts of videos, including music videos, movies, tutorials, vlogs, etc. Meanwhile, YouTube Music is solely for streaming music and podcasts.

With that said, it’s logical for the YouTube Music app to include this feature, especially if it aims to compete with others on the market. While Apple Music or Spotify, for instance, don’t offer a built-in feature to recognize songs by humming or listening to them, they both integrate with Shazam.

After all, since Apple owns the popular song identification app, it would be odd not to integrate it with its music streaming service. Once Shazam identifies a song, it offers the option to listen to it on Apple Music. This integration works similarly with Spotify as well.

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