What to Know About the Latest iPhone Update – New Features Explained


What to Know About the Latest iPhone Update – New Features Explained

A new Journal app lets you reflect on and preserve your memories. AirDrop file transfers continue over the Internet when out of range. Memoji can now be personalized with a full body. There are new StandBy options and new collaborative Apple Music playlists.

iOS 17 also brings additional security measures with Stolen Device Protection and fixes several bugs and issues including one that could allow someone to unlock your iPhone without entering your passcode.

1. Messages

Messages are more than text, photos, and videos; they carry complex meaning and influence how people respond. Designed for the people who use them, Messages offers features that address these complexities.

These include Personal Voice, a feature that lets users who are at risk of losing their ability to speak create an on-demand version of themselves that can read aloud typed words. Other accessibility features, like Live Speech and Point and Speak, let users make an audible version of themselves to hear, while a new Check In feature displays critical information such as location, battery level, and signal strength on the Lock screen.

Several updates to Messages are also included, including the ability to set multiple timers and faster Haptic Feedback. Other iOS 17 changes include Contact Posters in the Phone app, NameDrop, and improvements to StandBy and Music.

2. FaceTime

FaceTime lets you make video calls to people using an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. It’s free to use over Wi-Fi, but cellular data rates may apply.

With iOS 17, you can view contact photos in the FaceTime app. You can also use NameDrop to share contacts, and a new feature called Live Captions (beta) displays a transcript of the call on your screen as it happens.

Messages gets an update, too, with an option to jump directly to your first unread message and search filters that let you add terms to narrow a search. Plus, a new StandBy mode turns your iPhone into a home hub-like display. Other features include a telephoto camera focusing speed improvement, improved Apple Music listening history and more.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music gets an upgrade with a new algorithm that aims to predict what you want to listen to next. It factors in genres you like and music you’ve skipped, as well as dynamic circumstances like the time of day or upcoming holidays.

Apple is also bringing its classical music service Primephonic into the main app, offering playlists and audio content for classical fans. It’s available at no additional cost to existing Apple Music users, and the company plans to add more Primephonic music in 2023.

Collaborative Apple Music playlists are coming in a late-2023 update, as well as a new feature that displays lyrics that are synced to a song’s playing audio. There are also improvements to CarPlay that let passengers join a now-playing session and share songs.

4. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a secure way to make payments using your iPhone. Rather than a credit card number, it uses a unique Device Account Number and dynamic security code, which is only known by your phone. This means that your actual card numbers are never shared with merchants and are never stored on the iPhone.

Other changes include a new feature that allows you to disable listening history in Apple Music and the ability to edit your Memoji’s body shape. The update also offers faster Haptic Feedback, an option to have multiple timers active at once, a new StandBy option and improved telephoto camera focusing for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The iOS 17 update is available through iTunes, Wi-Fi or on the Verizon wireless network*. This software update optimizes device performance, fixes issues and applies the latest security updates.

5. AirDrop

AirDrop is a convenient way to share files between Apple products. It lets you instantly send and receive photos, links, notes, playlists, locations, and more between two iPhones or Macs (as long as they’re physically nearby).

Apple is making some improvements to the feature with this update. Now large file transfers initiated with AirDrop will continue over the internet when you move out of range—as long as both phones are iCloud-connected.

The latest update also brings interactive widgets to the Home screen and new options for StandBy. Plus, there’s a new option to react to iMessages with a single tap and Memoji enhancements. It also includes additional security measures with Stolen Device Protection. The update will be available on Monday. You can check for it by opening Settings, tapping General, then Software Update.

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