Unveiled: Renders and a 360-degree video of the Google Pixel Fold 2 — introducing the world’s thinnest foldable smartphone



The rumor mill has doubled down on the new design

Google Pixel Fold: Details, Specs, Release Date | WIRED
A new leak has seemingly confirmed the surprising design changes for the upcoming Google Pixel Fold 2, as well as some further details on the shape and size of the device. And it looks like the Pixel Fold 2 could be the thinnest foldable yet.

The leaks were revealed in an exclusive for SmartPrix and show off the first 360-degree video of the Google Pixel Fold 2, as well as higher quality renders. From these we can clearly see the removal of the camera bar that Google often uses on its devices, and its new rectangular replacement on the back of the phone. We can also see the reduced size of the bezel and changes to the front facing cameras.

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Google is clearly trying to make the best foldable phone yet, but it faces stiff competition.

Google Pixel Fold 2: what we want to see | TechRadar
According to SmartPrix, the new cover display will measure about 6.4-inches, which is a fair bit larger than the 5.8-inch display of the original Google Pixel Fold, and even larger than the OnePlus Open’s 6.31-inch screen.

Pixel Fold 2 vs Competition: Leaked Dimensions
Row 0 – Cell 0ClosedOpen
Google Pixel Fold 26.11 x 3.0 x 0.41 inches6.11 x 5.91 x 0.20 inches
OnePlus Open6.03 x 2.88 x 0.46 inches6.03 x 5.63 x 0.22 inches
Galaxy Z Fold 56.1 x 2.64 x 0.53 inches6.1 x 5.11 x 0.24 inches

As you can see from the above table, the Google Pixel Fold 2 would be thinner when open and closed compared to the OnePlus Open and Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, we don’t know how thin the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 is going to be yet.

One major change is the unfolded screen’s new front camera placement. In the Pixel Fold the camera was hidden inside an expanded black bar around the edge of the screen. However, that bar has been reduced on the Pixel Fold 2, and Google has matched both the folded and unfolded front cameras by using the same punch hole design. This will undoubtedly make for a much better viewing experience overall.

Google Pixel Fold 2 revealed in 360-degree video and 5K renders

Currently there is no information about the specs for the Google Pixel Fold’s cameras, but it appears that the new rectangular array has a triple setup with several sensors attached. The new square base design has two pill-shaped protrusions, the first holding a single camera with two sensors, while the second has two cameras. Meanwhile, a flash and a microphone appear to sit off to the side.

Render of the Google Pixel Fold 2

(Image credit:
This new design is quite the departure from the original and shows that Google is quite happy to experiment with its foldable range. It should be noted that there are still a fair few unknowns about Googles plans, including what chip the device will use or how much it will cost.

We do have a good idea of when it will announced as Google will likely officially announce the Pixel Fold 2 at next Google I/O event, which is tipped for June 27 2024, so keep an eye out for our coverage to get all the latest news as it comes.

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