Twitter Spaces introduces live video feature for enhanced user engagement

X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced live video to Spaces, its prominent live audio feature.

Eagle-eyed readers would remember that previously this functionality was called Periscope before Twitter shut it down.

The update was announced on Wednesday and heralded by owner and CTO Elon Musk via a user-shared walkthrough.

Spaces, once an audio-only sanctuary, now offers hosts the ability to turn on their video during chat sessions, opening a new vista of interactive possibilities.

A Visual Twist to Audio Conversations

The introduction of video in Spaces can be easily considered a transformative feature.

Hosts embarking on a new Spaces session are greeted with the option to “enable video,” choosing between their phone’s front or back-facing cameras and preferring either a landscape or vertical video feed.

This flexibility not only caters to the diverse preferences of hosts but also enhances the visual engagement for viewers.

Currently exclusive to the iOS version of the X app but it is likely that pretty soon even Android and Web users will be getting their turn to experience video Spaces.

However, it has not been all smooth sailing as some users are reporting lag issues.

Unlike its precursor, Periscope, or the current live broadcast feature on X, video Spaces focuses on elevating the host’s presence.

With only hosts enabled to share video for now, the setup encourages a dynamic interaction, reminiscent of Twitch streams, yet distinctively set apart by allowing audience participation.

The Future of Interactions on X

The Future of Interactions on X

Elon Musk’s vision for video in Spaces, initially hinted at resembling a video conferencing setup, similar to Zoom or Google Meet.

However, this current implementation places the host in a central, prominent position, surrounded by the avatars of speakers, co-hosts, and listeners.

X Allowing Video and Voice Calls to All Users

In more news about X, the platform is opening up its communication features by extending audio and video calling capabilities to all its users, a privilege previously reserved for premium subscribers only.

This update was announced by Enrique Barragan, an engineer at X, signaling a major shift towards inclusivity and broader accessibility within the app.

Until now, the ability to engage in audio and video calls was an exclusive feature of X’s premium service, but with this roll-out, the platform is breaking down barriers, allowing every user to connect more freely and directly.

However, for users to take advantage of this feature, there is a prerequisite: both participants in the call must have interacted with each other via Direct Messaging at least once.

This condition ensures a level of prior engagement between users, facilitating a smoother and more secure communication experience as X continues to evolve and expand its features to a wider audience.

The Future of Interactions on X

The Future of Interactions on X

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