Top 5 Secure Countries That Give Citizenship by Buying Real Estate

Top 5 Secure Countries That Give Citizenship by Buying Real Estate

5. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis - United States Department of State

Saint Kitts and Nevis, as one of the safest countries on earth, are known for having the world’s first and most popular formal citizenship-by-investment program. They have been attracting investors since 1984 and continue to grant citizenship to thousands of them every year. The real estate investment options include a $400,000 investment in a designated real estate unit approved by a development, a $400,000 investment in an approved private home condominium, and an $800,000 investment in an approved private home single-family private dwelling. The time to become a citizen is about 3–6 years.

4. Malta

Malta - United States Department of State

The Malta Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, also known as the Malta Exceptional Investor Naturalization Policy, is offered as a replacement for the discontinued Individual Investor Program. The requirement is to either purchase or rent a property and make two additional investments. An immovable residential property can be purchased for €700,000, or an immobile residential property can be leased annually for €16,000. In either case, the property must be held for five years from the date of the citizenship certificate. Additionally, a donation of €10,000 must be made to a Community Malta Agency-approved registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare, artistic non-governmental organization, or society, etc. The time period for citizenship is 12-36 months.

3. Grenada

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As a safe Caribbean island that has attracted many expats to its shores, Grenada has also enticed investors with its lucrative offers. Grenada provides a citizenship-by-investment program that can be availed of in various forms, including investment in government-approved real estate. Within this, there are two options: one for a minimum investment of $220,000 for each share in the unit of a real estate project, and the other for $350,000 for full real estate property ownership. Additional application fees and expenses for individuals included in the application are also borne by the investor. Citizenship typically takes about 3–6 months.

2. Dominica

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Dominica’s citizenship-by-investment program is yet another popular attraction for investors, granting citizenship to more than a thousand applicants every year. While this investment can be made in different ways, the option for government-approved real estate projects is one of them, amounting to $200,000. However, the property must be retained for three years from the date of citizenship, and if it is sold to a citizenship-by-investment applicant, the time period increases to five years. Citizenship is typically granted in 3-6 months, and additional charges for added applicants and non-refundable fees are also part of the program.

1. Antigua and Barbados

Antigua: getting there

Providing a direct citizenship-by-investment program, Antigua and Barbuda is also one of the safest countries that grant citizenship through real estate investment. One option is to invest $200,000 in fractional co-ownership real estate and ensure its retention for a minimum of five years. Another option is to spend $400,000 for full ownership of real estate, also requiring a minimum retention of five years. Citizenship can then be obtained in about 3–6 months. Additional costs for added applicants also exist.

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