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Supply chain sources suggest that Apple’s inaugural foldable device might hit the market in 2027 — here’s the latest information available



Apple could enter the foldable race very late

After Samsung, concept images imagine a folding iPhone X ...
An iPhone Flip or foldable iPad could be with us as soon as 2027. Rumors about the possibility of an Apple foldable have been circulating for a while now, but new information might give us our most solid release prediction yet.

According to a post on X from @Tech_Reve, one source has confirmed that the first Apple foldable could be released in 2027. They also claim that panels for the rumored foldable iPad mini are set to be mass-produced in 2026, which means a possible release for the product in 2026, although 2027 seems more likely. This new information matches the information we have heard from other sources about this date.

News about Apple’s foldables: Panels for the foldable iPad Mini(?) are set to be mass-produced in 2026, with the possibility of the foldable product being released between 2026 and 2027, although recent reports from various sources suggest a delay to 2027.However, some argue…February 12, 2024

Apple was originally rumored to be holding off on creating any form of foldable iPad until they had finished switching over to OLED screens. This led to many sources stating that we would not see any foldable iPad for at least a few years. Meanwhile, there were rumors that we would see a foldable phone in 2025 (via @mingchikuo) that could be a mix of both an iPad and an iPhone, but that seems unlikely now.

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We have also had some other information regarding how the phone would work. Supposedly Apple would use an 8-inch screen, similar in size to the 8.3-inch iPad mini, but larger than the 7.6-inch inner display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, which offers a 7.6-inch display when it’s opened up. There are also rumors about a feature that will allow the phone to close slightly if it is dropped, thus protecting the inner screen.

Apple’s plans to launch a foldable phone don’t appear to be fully solid yet, and we don’t have much idea of what such a device would actually look like. There’s even a recently discovered patent that suggests Apple is considering an extendable display device instead of a foldable one. However, the existence of a patent does not mean a device using the idea will ever be made.

However, at the moment, all we know about Apple’s overall plan for a foldable phone is based on rumors. We’ve seen leaks of how it might be designed and heard reports of a partnership with Samsung for the manufacturing of flexible screens. But we won’t know anything for certain until Apple formally announces such a device, and this new rumor makes it seem like it’s at least two years away in the best-case scenario.


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