“Please accept my humble contribution” – Davido releases disbursement details for N306m to orphanages in Nigeria

Nigerian singer and philanthropist, David Adeleke professionally known as Davido, has shared the details of the disbursement of N306 million to orphanage homes in the country.

The fund was distributed to 158 orphanages in the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory as contained in the official statement by the David Adeleke foundation.

Davido orphanage

The 31-year-old music star, in a tweet on Friday evening, sent a heartfelt message to children about being grateful for having the opportunity to help

Davido wrote; “To our nation’s children, I remain grateful to be in a position to be able to help. Please accept my humble contribution. Together we shall shape a brighter future ! ⏳❤️”

Read the full statement:


We are pleased to announce that The David Adeleke Foundation, DAF, has committed to an additional donation of N300 million to orphanages across Nigeria as part of our ongoing efforts to contribute to the welfare of our nation’s children.

As done consistently over the past three years, this decision has been made with careful consideration and a steadfast dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable children within our society. The disbursement process, which will commence within the coming weeks, will be overseen by the DAF Disbursement Committee, ensuring transparency and accountability in the allocation of funds.

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in charitable endeavours. Therefore, we assure the public that the allocated funds have been deposited into the foundation’s accounts, as mentioned in previous announcements.

According to the updated disbursement list, the total number of eligible children is 13,936, with 1,688 deemed ineligible. The allocation is set to benefit a total of 427 eligible orphanage homes. With a total amount of 300,000,000 to be disbursed, this translates to an average of 19,733 per eligible child.

We acknowledge that the process of disbursing these funds to various orphanages will take time as the statistics of these orphanages constantly change over time. We are committed once again to ensuring that the allocation is carried out meticulously, with thorough vetting processes in place to verify the legitimacy of recipient institutions and to guarantee that the funds are utilised for their intended purpose.

We anticipate that the disbursement process will be completed within the next two to three weeks. During this time, our team will work diligently to verify and process payments to the selected orphanages across the country.

We understand that there may be concerns and inquiries regarding the donation, and we appreciate the public’s patience and support as we work to finalise the details. We assure you that updates on the progress of the disbursement will be provided in a timely manner.

DAF remains committed to making a positive impact on the lives of Nigerian children, and we thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement.

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