PhonePe’s Indus Appstore Hits 100,000 Downloads in Three Days, Signaling Shift in India’s App Market

The Indus Appstore, launched by PhonePe as India’s new Android-based app marketplace, has quickly made its mark by crossing 100,000 downloads within just three days of its release.

This achievement highlights the strong demand in the Indian market for an app store that is more attuned to local needs, offering an alternative that is both developer-friendly and user-centric.

This ambition underlines PhonePe’s confidence in the app store’s unique offerings and its potential to transform the digital landscape in India.

What you need to know

What is the Indus Appstore?

The Indus Appstore is a new Android-based app marketplace launched by PhonePe, designed to cater specifically to the Indian market with a focus on local needs, offering a developer-friendly and user-centric alternative to existing app stores.

How quickly did the Indus Appstore achieve 100,000 downloads?

The Indus Appstore surpassed 100,000 downloads within three days of its launch, showcasing the strong demand among Indian users for an app store that aligns more closely with their preferences.

What makes the Indus Appstore stand out?

Unique features of the Indus Appstore include its policy of not charging any commission, support for 12 regional languages, and an innovative video-led app discovery feature, setting it apart from other app marketplaces.

Who launched the Indus Appstore and when?

The Indus Appstore was officially launched on February 21, 2024, by Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Hon. Minister of Railways, Communications, and Electronics & IT, highlighting the support from India’s startup ecosystem.

What future goals does the Indus Appstore have?

The Indus Appstore aims to reach an install base of 500,000 users soon, with expectations to hit one million downloads shortly after, indicating PhonePe’s confidence in the app store’s potential to redefine India’s digital landscape.

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