New color options for the iPhone 16 Pro may have recently surfaced — here are the choices


There are some color options on the wind

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A recent leak has named some of the potential color options for the iPhone 16 Pro, although the source emphasizes that the final choice is still subject to change.

Leaker Majin Bu posted on X that they had found two potential color options for the iPhone 16 Pro. The first is named Desert Yellow or Desert Titanium, which is apparently a similar hue to the gold option seen on the iPhone 14 Pro. The second color option is called Cement Grey or Titanium Grey, which is a similar shade to the iPhone 6’s Space Grey option.

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Majin Bu goes on to state that it currently looks like there will be no red or green color option, although blue is likely to remain. It should be noted that Majin Bu’s leaks recently haven’t been all that accurate, although they were correct about the inclusion of a green iPhone 15. They have been adamant that the colors are not finalized for the iPhone 16 Pro at this point and could easily change.

We have heard a fair amount about what could change with the iPhone 16 Pro’s hardware so far. The biggest upgrade is the addition of a capture button to the iPhone 16 series. There are claims that the iPhone 16 Pro will be larger than the Galaxy S24; with the rumored size being 149.6 x 71.45 x 8.25mm. One of the potential reasons for this could be the rumored screen size increase to around 6.3 inches.

In addition, we’ve heard that the A18 Pro chip will have a beefed up neural processing unit, which will help speed up AI tasks. And generative AI is supposed to be a very big theme of the upcoming iOS 18 software, including a revamped Siri.

Despite all these rumors and leaks, there has been very little information about the potential color options. So far Apple’s only been reportedly using the iPhone 15 Pro’s silvery “White titanium” color when building prototypes and has made no other mention of other color choices.

As stated, taking rumors like these with a pinch of salt is important. It is entirely possible that the color options could change and shift in the next few months, or that Apple could have a surprise in store for consumers. We won’t know anything for certain until the official announcement of the iPhone 16 series, which we are expecting in September. For now, bookmark our iPhone 16 Pro hub for all the latest rumors and leaks.


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