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Integration of WhatsApp call logs into Google’s Phone application might be available soon

Staying connected with friends and family on WhatsApp is about to get even easier as the popular messaging app looks to integrate call logs with Google’s native Phone app on Android. This change would put WhatsApp’s voice and video calls on equal footing with regular phone calls, allowing you to see all your call history in one place.

Currently, WhatsApp calls only show up within the app itself. This upcoming integration would streamline the process, especially if you primarily use WhatsApp for calls. The fact that @Kishore9196 on X noticed this (via Android Police) suggests that the feature might already be rolling out in a limited beta test.

Once the feature is fully rolled out, it would make sense if tapping on one of these entries would give you the option to quickly initiate another WhatsApp call with that contact. It’s also likely that this integration won’t be limited to just WhatsApp, as other VoIP apps such as Telegram could follow suit as well, giving you a unified call log experience on your Android phone.

However, this feature isn’t entirely new. As the source pointed out, iOS already has this feature, which displays third-party VoIP calls in the iPhone’s native call history. Android users have been missing out on this convenience, although hopefully not for much longer.

Having this kind of interconnectivity between apps is a benefit that European users will soon enjoy in more areas, such as messaging, as the DMCA has ordered. Because of this, WhatsApp will also have the added benefit of including other messaging platforms within its own app, bringing about cross-platform usability. This is not to say that the integrated call log on the Phone app is a result of this, but it is a nice touch so that users won’t have to switch back and forth between apps as often.

This change will be a welcomed quality-of-life improvement for those who regularly use WhatsApp for calling. With the seamless integration of your call logs, staying connected within WhatsApp is about to get a whole lot smoother.

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