HMD Global hints at a fresh lineup of self-branded smartphones slated for release in July

HMD Global has unveiled a sneak peek of its upcoming smartphone lineup, marking a significant shift from its traditional Nokia-branded offerings.

The company, which has been synonymous with Nokia smartphones for the past seven years, announced its venture into launching self-branded devices under the new “Human Mobile Devices” (HMD) brand.

The recent teaser, shared via HMD’s official X social media channel, has ignited anticipation for the two showcased smartphones, slated for a July release.

The teaser images present a first look at two of the smartphones from HMD’s previously hinted selection.

One image displays a smartphone with a sleek, matte-finished grey rear panel and a black frame, partially concealed in a pocket.

This device, believed to be the budget-friendly N159V model, boasts a dual rear camera setup, aligning with earlier reports and leaks.

A second image, leaked by Nokia Mob, features another device with a striking lustrous pink rear panel, differentiating itself with a potentially higher focus on repairability.

A closer inspection of the image reveals a “108” imprint on the camera module, hinting at a powerful 108MP rear camera setup.

This pink device, along with a previously leaked cyan counterpart, showcases the new HMD logo, further emphasizing the brand’s new direction.

While the teaser shines a light on two of HMD’s forthcoming smartphones, a lime green device from the initial launch remains shrouded in mystery.

Additionally, HMD Global has earlier revealed a unique partnership with Mattel to introduce a Barbie-branded feature phone.

This flip phone, expected to sport a retro design in a vibrant pink finish, will launch sometime later this year.

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