Google’s upcoming call transfer feature is coming along and might start with Google Meet first

The ability to group and share Wi-Fi passwords, hotspots, and moving video calls between Android devices has been rumored for some time now. However, new evidence suggests that the video call transfer feature in particular might be bound to just one specific app: Google Meet.

“Call transfer,” as the feature is believed to be called, will reportedly allow you to link devices that are logged in with the same Google account, enabling seamless sharing of those services. Recently, an Android Authority breakdown of the underlying code powering this feature found more info on how it will reportedly work.

At first glance, it appears as if the feature has had a recent name change. This is because in a previous version of Google Play services (v24.06.12), tipster @AssembleDebug found references to it by enabling some hidden flags. These referred to it as “Call cast,” instead of “Call transfer,” as found in the latest version (v24-08-12). However, because in this latest version there is also a reference to “Call cast,” it is now believed that these may indeed be separate features— one for video and one for audio.

In this latest iteration, the code was found to have a very specific reference to Google Meet and apps like it. This suggests that Meet will most definitely be one of the apps supported, and the “apps like Google Meet” reference could mean that it extends to other video calling apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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While we still don’t have a confirmed release date, it’s clear that Google is gearing up to make the Android experience even more connected. The ability to transfer video calls – and maybe even voice calls – between our devices will be a real game-changer for those juggling multiple Android smartphones or tablets.

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