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Google unveils AI-driven enhancements for Android Auto aimed at minimizing driver distraction.



Google unveils AI-driven enhancements for Android Auto aimed at minimizing driver distraction.

Receive message summaries, reroute your destination, and send out an ETA without ever touching your phone

Google is harnessing the power of AI to make it easier and less distracting for drivers to communicate with their smartphones when on the road. The search giant timed its latest announcement with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series this week.

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Android Auto, Google’s answer to Apple CarPlay, is designed to take all the important, car-friendly features from your phone and put it front and center on your car’s central display. But anyone who’s tried to reply to a message behind the wheel will be all too familiar with the pitfalls of in-vehicle voice assistants. Getting a flood of group chat messages or wrestling with clunky digital transcribers can often be just as distracting as looking at a phone screen.


Google’s upcoming Android Auto updates aim to tackle this very problem. Android Auto will soon use AI to automatically summarize long texts or busy group chats while you’re driving, so that your focus stays on the road instead of whatever’s unfolding on your phone. As with other AI-powered tech, it’ll also be able to suggest relevant actions and replies and execute them as well without you ever having to pick up your phone

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