“Google Messages Updates: New Camera UI Enhances User Experience During Chats”

A new feature added to the Google Messages camera UI appears on the bottom of the screen and allows users to switch between taking a photograph and recording a video.

With this new feature, you can choose between capturing an image or recording a video after opening the camera app. Previously, the user had to make this decision before opening the Google Messages camera UI.

Prior to the update, Pixel users accessing the system camera app could customize the White Balance, and exposure, and set a timer if they so desired.

The new viewfinder for Google Messages users is built using the Compose toolkit that Google recommends for building Android user interfaces, and it is stripped down more than the system camera app UI used now.

The controls will allow users to adjust the zoom using three default settings and pinch-to-zoom. There is also a button to enable or disable flash, found in the upper right corner, and a button to switch between using the rear and front-facing cameras.

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