Google Maps is changing and it’s great for exploring new places.

Google Maps is changing and it’s great for exploring new places.Google Maps is an excellent tool for finding your way around unfamiliar places, particularly with features like Street View and Live View. However, it can be frustrating when you can’t locate the entrance to a building. To address this, Google Maps is testing a new feature that adds entrance indicator icons to selected buildings. This means you can confidently navigate to a new location with Google Maps without worrying about finding the right entrance among multiple doors, which is especially useful for navigating complex buildings like office blocks.

Currently, Google is only testing this feature with a small group of users and buildings, and it seems I’m not one of the fortunate few. Nevertheless, Android Police have observed the feature in action, noting that building entrances are only displayed when you’ve selected  a building and zoomed in sufficiently.

Based on the screenshots provided by the site, the new entrances are represented by a small white circle with a green outline and a green entrance icon inside. This is similar to the entrance indicators already visible in public transit stations worldwide.

Some businesses are also changing their entire buildings to red to help them stand out from their surroundings. This could be quite useful.

Android Police pointed out that some of these entrance markers are incorrect, which is a bigger issue than Google experimenting with different icon designs. Presumably, Google will need to collect a lot of data before this feature can be rolled out more widely. After all, creating a general entrance button for all publicly accessible places is a much bigger task than adding them to major transit hubs.

This feature is likely still in the early stages, so it will need some refinement before it’s ready for a larger rollout. However, if Google gets it right, it could be incredibly helpful for navigating new and unfamiliar places. I’m willing to be patient.

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