Google is set to unveil an App Mall for ChromeOS, aiming to streamline app discovery for users in the near future

In a bid to streamline the Chromebook experience, Google is set to change how users discover and manage applications on ChromeOS through the introduction of the “App Mall.”

Users of Chromebooks would know that there is always a challenge in app management due to the separation of app ecosystems, including web apps, Android apps, and Linux apps.

The “App Mall” will be a unified solution consolidating these disparate sources into a single, user-friendly platform.

The “App Mall,” a centralized app store designed to simplify this process by aggregating apps from various platforms.

Early indications of this initiative were spotted in Chrome code snippets, revealing a hidden flag within Chrome settings that leads to a yet-to-be-launched website, “”

While details remain scarce, the anticipation is that the “App Mall” will feature a diverse array of apps, including Android and web applications, and potentially games.

This move is expected to build upon the existing “Explore” app feature within Chromebooks, offering an enhanced and more inclusive app discovery experience.

The introduction of the “App Mall” reflects Google’s commitment to enhancing the versatility and utility of ChromeOS, ensuring users have easy access to a wide range of applications.

By consolidating app sources, Chromebook owners will soon find it simpler to explore new apps and games, enriching their overall device usage.

In addition to the “App Mall,” Google continues to innovate within its Chrome browser, introducing three new generative AI features in its latest release for U.S. users on Mac and Windows PCs.

These include AI Tab Groups for better organization of open tabs, Custom Themes with AI for personalized browser themes, and the forthcoming “Help Me Write” feature, an AI-powered writing assistant.


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