Google Fi Wireless raises rates for customers with over three lines on the “Simply Unlimited” plan

Google Fi Wireless, the MVNO wireless phone plan brought to you by Google, has announced changes to the pricing of its “Simply Unlimited” plan. Starting today for new customers, and rolling out to existing customers after April 4th, 2024, the prices for plans with three or more lines will be increasing as follows:

  • Three lines: The cost for three lines on the Simply Unlimited plan will increase from $80 to $90 per month.
  • Four lines: Accounts with four lines will go up from $80 to $100 per month.
  • Five and six lines: There are also increases for five-line accounts (going up to $125/month) and six-line accounts (going up to $150/month).

If you have one or two lines active on the Simply Unlimited plan, not to worry, your pricing will remain unchanged. Additionally, Google Fi Wireless is not changing the core features of the Simply Unlimited plan, which still include unlimited high-speed data (which slows down after 35GB), unlimited calls and texts in the US, Canada, and Mexico, 5GB of hotspot tethering, connectivity for select smartwatches, automatic encryption of your data using a virtual private network (VPN), as well as some family safety features such as spam blocking, location sharing, and contact controls.

These pricing adjustments begin for new customers starting today, March 5th, 2024. Existing customers will see the change reflected on their first bill after April 4th, 2024. Google Fi Wireless also clarifies that existing accounts with long-term promotions or device financing agreements activated before March 5th, 2024, will maintain their original pricing until those commitments end. Pricing will also not change on the Flexible or Unlimited Plus plans.

Google Fi Wireless states this change in pricing is necessary “to continue delivering high-quality product offerings and features.” This marks the first price increase for the almost three year old “Simply Unlimited” plan since the service was rebranded from “Google Fi” to “Google Fi Wireless” last year.

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