Former Star Banker Bao Fan Resigns After Year-Long Disappearance

Former Star Banker Bao Fan Resigns After Year-Long Disappearance

Bao Fan, China’s high-profile investment banker, has officially resigned as chairman and CEO of China Renaissance, marking a tumultuous end to his 12-month disappearance.

Bao Fan, Banker in China Who Vanished, Is Said to Be Aiding Inquiry - The  New York Times

Key Facts:

  • Bao vanished in February 2023, sparking concerns about Beijing’s crackdown on the financial sector.
  • After several months of silence, Chinese state media confirmed his detention by anti-corruption authorities.
  • China Renaissance suspended trading in April 2023 due to the uncertainty surrounding Bao’s status.
  • In August 2023, the company confirmed Bao’s ongoing cooperation with authorities.
  • Finally, on February 3, 2024, Bao’s official resignation from China Renaissance was announced.


Bao’s unexplained disappearance and now resignation raise several questions:

  • Reason for detention: The nature of the investigation against Bao remains unclear.
  • Impact on China Renaissance: The company’s future leadership and direction face uncertainty.
  • Climate for Chinese business: The incident continues to fuel concerns about government intervention and opaque legal processes.

China Renaissance Chief Executive Officer Bao Fan, meets the press during a media briefing at his office in ICC. 19MAY15

Looking Ahead:

Bao’s case sheds light on the complex and unpredictable environment facing Chinese businesses, where regulatory actions can be swift and opaque. While questions remain about the specific reasons for his disappearance and resignation, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for others operating in this environment.

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