Fitbit tests “Walkmate”: Personalized program to motivate walkers

About three years back, Google made a splash by acquiring Fitbit, a brand known for its wearable technology primarily focused on activity trackers and smartwatches. These gadgets have become the go-to for folks keen on keeping tabs on their health and fitness journey.

As per 9to5Google, Fitbit is currently in the testing phase of a program or study dubbed “Walkmate.” This initiative spans over two months and uses personalized daily notifications to encourage individuals to walk more and maintain an active lifestyle.

Once enrolled in Walkmate, participants can expect to receive a single Fitbit app notification daily, prompting them to reflect on and plan their walk. Fitbit will work behind the scenes to track daily steps and AZM (Active Zone Minutes) data, allowing users to monitor the impact of their chosen strategy over time.

As part of the onboarding process, participants will complete a survey to provide Fitbit with insights into factors that may influence their physical activity levels. This program is open to individuals who typically walk fewer than 8,000 steps daily on average.

To become part of Walkmate, launch the Fitbit app and tap on the Steps card. The card will show the Google Health Studies logo, indicating that researchers will use this data to understand people’s preferred behavior strategies, the duration for which they stick to them, and the overall impact on their walking habits over time.

Once enrolled, you’ll spot a “Walk Mate” card conveniently popping up on your Today feed. This new feature adds to the mix alongside the generic “Reminders to Move” notifications.

In recent developments, Fitbit has pushed out an update for its Android app, bumping it up to version 4.06. This latest update brings in a nifty addition—a feature allowing users to manually input their body temperature readings using their personal thermometer.

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