First Galaxy S24 update adds new display settings, vague camera improvements

First Galaxy S24 update adds new display settings, vague camera improvements

First Galaxy S24 update adds new display settings, vague camera improvements Samsung has just announced the first Galaxy S24 update which will bring customizable display settings among some other new tweaks.

Announced in a newsroom post, the first update for the Galaxy S24 series is set to roll out starting this month (presumably alongside the February 2024 security patch for the Galaxy S24 series) with one main feature – fully customizable display settings.

Samsung was hit with a bit of backlash as Galaxy S24 devices started landing on customer’s doorsteps as it was noticed that colors on the new displays were a bit less saturated and vibrant compared to prior generations. Samsung noted that this was intentional, as the company had chosen to focus on a more natural and accurate look for its displays.

Now, as was leaked ahead of time, Samsung is following up with a software update that brings fully customizable display settings to the Galaxy S24 series. Users can tweak the RGB (red, green, blue) white balance as well as adjust the “Vivdness” (saturation) to their desired levels.

Samsung explains:

Galaxy users have varying preferences when it comes to their mobile device display. That’s why we tuned the Galaxy S24 series’ display for a more natural and customizable viewing experience. By adjusting the “Vividness” option under display “Advanced settings,” you can now enjoy a more vibrant display.

Beyond that, Samsung also says that this update brings “further optimization of key camera functions.” This portion of the post is pretty vague, but also mentions “upgrades to the device’s zoom functions, Portrait Mode, Nightography, rear camera video shooting capabilities and more.” There’s no word if this fixes the constant issues with motion that we discussed in our review (and which have affected the past several generations of Galaxy devices).

Finally, Samsung also discusses that this update has something to do with “communication without language barriers,” which suggests updates to the new translation features, but Samsung doesn’t really explain what’s being updated.

We aim to continue driving toward our goal of providing barrier-free communication for all. We are committed to listening to you, and we will continue to evolve Galaxy technology — driving our vision forward and unleashing new possibilities for the future.

In an email to fonrey, Samsung says this update will be available starting on February 22.

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