Carl Pei navigates a nuanced stance, blending admiration and critique for Apple’s innovations and practices

Carl Pei, the tech maven behind the creation of OnePlus and the innovative startup Nothing, has recently shared his nuanced views on Apple, a company known for its relentless pursuit of perfection in the tech world.

Pei’s commentary, which he shared on his official X account, spans from admiration for Apple’s product development to criticism of its business practices.

In his latest remarks, Pei has openly expressed his respect for Apple’s dedication to refining the iPhone, a product that has set the benchmark for smartphones worldwide.

His admiration extends to Apple’s latest venture, the Vision Pro, a product Pei describes as “underhyped.”

The Vision Pro, priced at $3,499, represents Apple’s foray into spatial computing, an area Pei believes hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

He has pledged to review the Vision Pro “when things calm down,” aiming for an objective analysis of its potential impact.

Despite his appreciation for certain Apple products, Pei has not shied away from expressing his disinterest in others, such as the Apple Watch.

His stance reflects a broader sentiment that not all Apple innovations resonate with every segment of the tech community, underscoring the subjective nature of product success.

Pei’s critique of Apple doesn’t stop at product preferences.

He recently highlighted the controversial “Apple Tax” by sharing a satirical video from Morning Brew.

He cleverly critiques Apple’s stringent control over its ecosystem, specifically its imposition of a 30% fee on transactions within its App Store.

This policy, often referred to as the “Apple Tax,” has been a point of contention between Apple and app developers, as well as regulatory bodies.

Spotify and Netflix would certianly know of it.

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