Beta Version: WhatsApp Expanding Authentication Choices for Android Users

The latest beta version of WhatsApp introduces a new Unlock with biometric toggle that allows the use of fingerprint, face, or other unique identifiers when enabled.

Currently, WhatsApp users can only use biometric authentication, thus limiting the feature to just certain devices. The addition of unique identifiers allows everyone using WhatsApp to secure their chats by using a device passcode.

According to WABetaInfo, the new feature is available to select users who installed WhatsApp beta for Android Unfortunately, it appears that many users report that their app is crashing quite often after installing this update, but it’s unclear whether the addition of the new security feature is the real culprit.

Even if the implementation doesn’t seem to be flawless, we’re confident that such a feature is needed considering that large number of phone users don’t own a device that packs biometric sensors.

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