Asus Unveils the Zenfone 11 Ultra: A Cutting-Edge, Large-Scale Smartphone Release

If you prefer your handsets small and powerful, you’re probably familiar with the Asus Zenfone lineup. But after defying all mobile industry trends in the last few years, the Taiwan-based PC specialist behind such compact devices as the 5.92-inch Zenfone 10 and 5.9-inch Zenfone 9 is today going big with the 6.78-inch Zenfone 11 Ultra.

Of course, the fact that this just-unveiled giant is not simply called the Asus Zenfone 11 gives us hope that a second, more easily maneuverable version might also be coming down the line. Until (or rather if) that happens, let’s see what this ultra-high-end new model is about and how similar it is to the gaming-centric ROG Phone 8 released only a couple of months ago.

Since we’ve already brought the elephant in the room by mentioning the ROG Phone 8, let us quickly address the obvious “problem” with the Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra. Yes, those two are basically the exact same product, with the Republic of Gamers logo, customizable RGB lighting, and fancy cooling technology removed from the “new” phone.

That certainly doesn’t make the Zenfone 11 Ultra feel very unique or revolutionary, but if you think about it, what Android phone released in the last… five years or so truly qualifies for those labels? Besides, it’s definitely no secret that ROG designs are not for everyone, while the ROG Phone 8’s specs could well put a big smile on the faces of a lot of power users inside the more mainstream-focused Zenfone 11 Ultra.

You also have until April 14 to secure an “early bird” ROG Cetra True Wireless Earbuds freebie, which is very nice, further improving an already solid value proposition.

No pre-order gift, however, can change the fact that the OnePlus 12 just so happens to cost $900 too with not only more RAM and storage on deck but also a considerably brighter and higher-resolution 6.82-inch screen and three even greater rear-facing cameras.

Now that’s a rival Asus will probably need to undercut with an outright discount of some sort if it wants to find mainstream success in the US. By the way, the Zenfone 11 Ultra is available in an unlocked variant compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile but not Verizon, which is another little detail likely to upset potential buyers far more than the handset’s similarities with the ROG Phone 8.

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