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Apple’s Smart Ring: Feeling Objects in the Vision Pro, Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

Apple’s Smart Ring: Feeling Objects in the Vision Pro, Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Ring Apple is thinking about making a smart ring to compete with products like Oura and Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Ring. People are excited about what an Apple Ring could do. One interesting idea is using it for augmented reality, which Apple seems to be thinking about.

A new patent found by Apple Insider talks about putting sensors on the fingers to make headsets like the Vision Pro recognize hand movements better. Some of these sensors could be in the form of rings.

The patent, called “Finger-Mounted Device with Sensors and Haptics,” explains that sometimes, devices like computers and headsets are controlled using things like gloves.

While gloves might seem like the most straightforward solution, they come with clear disadvantages. “If not careful, a glove-like device could hinder a user’s ability to feel objects around them, be uncomfortable to wear, or not gather suitable input from the user.”

Instead of using gloves, a different approach involves a wearable device, like a finger-mounted device, that can gather input from a user’s fingers as they interact with surfaces. This device can also provide haptic feedback, such as vibrations, to make the user feel like they’re touching physical objects. For example, tapping a virtual keyboard could create a sensation similar to pressing a real keyboard key. This technology could enhance virtual reality experiences by allowing users to “feel” interactions like catching a digital ball.

The patent shows some images of rings, but it’s more likely that Apple would prefer fingertip sensors over rings if they ever introduced this technology for the Vision Pro 2 in the future. This is because using ten smart rings, one for each finger and thumb, would be cumbersome and expensive. It’s more plausible that Apple would sell a set of finger-mounted sensors as a separate accessory, rather than individual smart rings. However, even with this setup, having to wear ten sensors every time you use the Vision Pro could still be a barrier to regular use.

While using ten fingertip sensors could be just as cumbersome as wearing gloves, the discomfort and inflexibility of gloves are more manageable because there are only two of them for a user to deal with.

However, there is one scenario where a smart ring would be a good fit. The patent briefly mentions how a finger could be used as a pointing device or joystick to control on-screen features. This would only require one smart ring for one finger, which seems like a reasonable feature for potential smart ring buyers. However, Apple has already addressed this need with the Apple Vision Pro, which uses eye tracking and finger gestures.

It’s important to note that this is just a patent and not an active development project for Apple. While the innovations described could eventually appear in a product, it’s not certain.

Hand tracking isn’t a major issue for the Vision Pro at the moment; in fact, it’s one of the device’s strengths. So while these ideas may become reality someday, there’s no guarantee.

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