Adobe has introduced an AI Assistant for its PDF reader. Here’s a rundown of its capabilities.

Adobe has introduced an AI Assistant for its PDF reader. Here’s a rundown of its capabilities. Adobe has unveiled a fresh AI assistant for Acrobat and Reader, enabling you to engage in a discussion regarding a PDF.

It possesses the capability to respond to and assess the content of the document, aiding you in gaining a more profound understanding of the file you are utilizing through artificial intelligence (AI).

The new Acrobat AI Assistant is currently accessible for countless PDF files via an update to both the Reader and the Acrobat applications on desktop and web.

It can be reached via a new AI Assistant context menu option; you can effortlessly inquire about the file you are handling or request assistance in transferring details to another file.

What are the capabilities of the AI Assistant?


(Image credit: Adobe)
(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe’s AI Assistant is essentially a search tool. It can help you locate specific content within a lengthy document, highlight important points for further attention, and perform analyses based on the PDF’s content.

Currently in beta, the tool will require a paid subscription once it exits beta testing. It is built upon Adobe’s Liquid Mode AI model, which is already responsible for adaptive and responsive reading modes in PDFs on mobile devices.

An Adobe spokesperson explained, “These proprietary models provide a deep understanding of PDF structure and content, enhancing the quality and reliability of AI Assistant outputs.”

The AI model works throughout the entire document, offering a summary, generating citations to verify sources, improving navigation with clickable links to sections within a lengthy document, and allowing you to ask questions about the content.

What’s next for the AI assistant?

The current iteration of the AI Assistant focuses on locating content within a document and extracting additional value from existing content.

Future developments will include PDF creation. Adobe envisions users being able to utilize generative AI to rethink the value of digital documents.

This expansion will involve working with various document types, employing AI for writing, editing, and formatting content, and using Adobe Firefly for adding generative AI-generated images.

When will the AI Assistant be accessible and how much will it cost?

(Image credit: Adobe)
(Image credit: Adobe)

The primary aim of the new tool is to aid users in comprehending and engaging with lengthy documents. These could range from entire textbooks and eBooks to the latest financial reports from companies.

It will be compatible with both the Acrobat Pro PDF editor and Adobe Reader. However, access will require an additional “add-on” subscription on top of the regular Acrobat monthly fee.

Pricing details have not yet been disclosed, as the tool is still in beta. During the beta phase, which will last for the next few weeks, you can gain access at no extra charge if you have an Acrobat subscription.

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