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7 Reasons Why the Nothing Phone 2a Outshines the Pixel 7a

7 Reasons Why the Nothing Phone 2a Outshines the Pixel 7a

There’s a new A-series phone in town that’s calling the shots

When it comes to maximizing your value, the Pixel 7a has consistently demonstrated its remarkable worth, earning its position as our runner-up choice in the best cheap phones guide. However, with the introduction of the Nothing Phone 2a, there’s a keen interest in how Nothing’s new Android-powered smartphone performs within this category.

In our comprehensive review of the Nothing Phone 2a, we meticulously assessed its camera capabilities, comparing them with the higher-spec’d Nothing Phone 2 and offering side-by-side snapshots against the Pixel 7a. Spending an extensive amount of time with this budget-friendly phone has fostered a newfound appreciation for smartphone designs.

While the availability of the Nothing Phone 2a is limited in the U.S., those with broader access abroad may be curious about how it stacks up against Google’s most budget-friendly smartphone. Here, we outline all the ways in which the Nothing Phone 2a surpasses the Pixel 7a.

It’s way cheaper

7 ways Nothing Phone 2a beats Pixel 7a

This comparison is straightforward, given that the Pixel 7a starts at $449, whereas the Nothing Phone 2a is priced at $349 through Nothing’s Developer Program. We remain optimistic that its price will stay consistent in the event of expanded availability in the U.S.

Undoubtedly, this significant price difference works in favor of the Nothing Phone 2a. With the savings, you could not only acquire top-notch wireless earbuds but also have extra funds left for a combo meal at McDonald’s.

Cooler looking design

Nothing Phone 2a vs Pixel 7a.

The remarkably low price of the Nothing Phone 2a is almost unbelievable, especially considering its impressive design that doesn’t give away its budget-friendly cost. In comparison, the Pixel 7a falls short because the Nothing Phone 2a’s design stands out, particularly with its translucent casing.

The distinctive design of the Nothing Phone 2a is hard to ignore, further enhanced by the Glyph Interface on the phone’s back. If these features aren’t sufficient to convince you of its more premium design, it’s worth noting that the Nothing Phone 2a is also sleeker and lighter in construction than the Pixel 7a.

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Substantially longer battery life

Nothing Phone (2a) review - is the affordable Android worth it?

Surprisingly, despite the Pixel 7a boasting a larger 5,500 mAh battery, it falls short in terms of endurance compared to the Nothing Phone 2a with its smaller 5,000 mAh battery. In our benchmark testing, the Nothing Phone 2a impressively achieves a runtime of 15 hours, whereas the Pixel 7a taps out significantly earlier, clocking in at 10 hours and 5 minutes during the same test.

This substantial difference in battery life between these budget phones is quite remarkable, making it almost unbelievable how the Nothing Phone 2a manages to outlast its rival by a wide margin.

Faster 45W wired charging

Google Pixel 7a vs Nothing Phone (2): Which is the Better Buy? - Tech  Advisor

While budget phones are not typically associated with impressive battery endurance or fast recharging speeds, the Nothing Phone 2a challenges this perception by offering premium features in these aspects. It excels in charging speed compared to the Pixel 7a, benefiting from a rapid 45W wired charging capability, whereas the Pixel 7a lags behind with its slower 18W charging.

In practical terms, this means that the Nothing Phone reaches an impressive 61% capacity within just 30 minutes of charging, while the Pixel 7a only manages to reach 43% in the same time frame. This notable difference becomes particularly valuable when you find yourself in a time crunch, as it ensures that the Nothing Phone 2a provides a more substantial charge in a shorter period.

Full manual controls with the camera

Nothing Phone Review With Pros And Cons Smartprix, 47% OFF

At first glance, both of these phones appear to provide a similar array of camera features, including panoramic photos, portrait mode, time-lapse, and more. However, a significant distinction lies in the camera capabilities, with the Pixel 7a missing a crucial feature – a genuine manual mode.

The Nothing Phone 2a, on the other hand, caters to camera enthusiasts by offering a true manual mode. This provides users with control over key parameters such as shutter speed, focus, and ISO level. These controls are essential for those seeking precise adjustments to achieve the desired look in photos, deviating from the reliance on the automatic mode found in many other phones, including the Pixel 7a.

Better looking interface

So sánh tốc độ: Liệu iPhone 14 hay Nothing Phone (2) sẽ nhanh hơn?

In recent years, numerous Android manufacturers have opted to emulate the stock appearance and user interface of vanilla Android, a trend evident in the design of the Pixel 7a. While the Pixel 7a provides a simple and straightforward interface, there’s an undeniable satisfaction in the aesthetic appeal of Nothing OS 2.5 running on the Nothing Phone 2a.

The minimalist styling of Nothing OS 2.5 stands out, presenting a stark contrast to the familiar interfaces of other Android phones. Subtle details, such as the dot matrix layout of the font, contribute to a visually appealing style that sets it apart from its counterparts. Similar to the Pixel 7a’s adherence to the stock Android look, the Nothing Phone 2a’s software experience is devoid of unnecessary embellishments, maintaining a clean and straightforward user interface.

Enhanced notifications with Glyph Interface

Nothing Phone 3: Release Date, Design, Specifications, and Software - Mark  Ellis Reviews

While all Android phones share the same notification system, accessible by swiping down at any time on the screen, the Nothing Phone 2a elevates this standard approach with its enhanced Glyph Interface system.

The LED strips framing the rear cameras on the Nothing Phone 2a serve a dual purpose. Beyond adding to the phone’s aesthetic appeal, they also play a crucial role in notifying you about incoming notifications. Notably, the Glyph Interface allows users to customize the light patterns, accompanied by tones of their choice, providing a unique and personalized way to discern the nature of each notification.

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